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Private & Corporate Events

North American Sound is happy to provide services for your special event. From large formal banquets to small office affairs, we are your partner of choice. Whether your preference is jazz in the background or dancing the night away, we are well equipped to meet your needs with professional DJ’s and top-of-the-line equipment. We understand the importance of a successful party and we will represent your company to the highest level of professionalism.

Drum set, microphones and speakers on stage ready for concert

Live Performances & Speeches

Whether your venue is indoor or outdoor, it always requires professional equipment to be able to capture and reproduce the full range of sound from instruments to vocals. The amount of equipment necessary to support a group of five artists is often more than most people realize. Let North American Sound share with you your passion for live music and capture the best emotions and memories on the stage. Get in touch with us and we will come up with a comprehensive plan to satisfy the needs of performers and the audience. With more than 100KW of raw power available, we can customize our setup to fit your venue so each person attending your event can enjoy it equally.

Pro mixing pult at a recording studio


Organizing a festival is a serious undertaking with a lot of moving parts to consider, such as venue, accommodation space, vendors, artists, and much more. Another critical element is audio, visual, and staging support. The flown directional line-array speaker system and dual 18-inch woofer cabinets offered by North American Sound provide crystal clear voice and audio from the low 20HZ to the upper hearing limit 20KHz effortlessly. With more than 100 KW of power available you can make this experience unforgettable for any crowd. Our professional sound engineers are trained to fit the needs of the performers while providing excellent sound quality for the public. The state-of-the-art lighting North American Sound offers will satisfy every taste and will leave your visitors astonished. Let’s get in touch and plan your event.

Microphone over the Abstract blurred photo of conference hall or seminar room with Speakers on the stage and attendee background, Business meeting concept

School Functions

Everyone remembers the live events and parties at school. Let’s make the next event even more unforgettable. North American Sound is here to assist with all Sound, Regardless of the event size, North American Sound is ready to provide all the help you need. Microphones for your guest speakers or performers and a flawless speaker system that minimizes feedback and offers a clear sound for all guests to receive your message will be much needed. Our indoor and outdoor PA systems can provide support for venues of any size. From 2 speakers on stands to full line array with 32 channel mixing console ready to support a band or really big DJ party.

dj mixer and people in nightclub

Club Events

Talking about power? Need cutting-edge visuals for your upcoming performance? We are here to help. North American Sound utilizes more than 100KW of power. Our dual 12 inch mid with dual horn 2-way line-array system can reproduce any sound between 100HZ to 20KHz crystal clear. Add some front fills to that and we’ve got some very happy dancers. What’ below 100 HZ you might ask. Dual 18-inch woofer cabinets with custom-designed amplifiers to match the speaker's best reproduced frequencies.



Here at North American Sound, we believe that we always need to be a step ahead to provide an excellent experience for our clients and your guests. Nothing brings more attention than a professionally designed and operated light show. Wash lights, spotlights, lasers, and custom projections can always guarantee the undivided attention of any person of any age.